Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ralph Lauren Gift- This Would Sure Make Travel More Comfortable!

This Cashmere Travel Set, and a trip to the Chicago RL restaurant to use it would make my day (or year...). Just the thought of a nice cashmere eye mask makes me want to jump on a plane and start sleeping (not that I don't love travel as it is)
Available Here

"A luxurious jet-setting companion, our cabled cashmere travel set includes an
exquisite throw blanket and an eye mask in a coordinating zip bag that also
doubles as a pillow. "

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

23 Days Until Christmas!

We are putting up the lights right now!
Today I am extremely thankful for everyone who is serving our country through being in the marines, military, air force or any other group that is defending our country. The rights we are given as US citizens are very important to me and I am thankful for the people who risk their lives to defend them.

You can show your appreciation by sending a card here.

On my wish list:

Vineyard Vines Patchwork Puzzle Whale Bangle

The song that currently gets me in the holiday mood: Carol of the Bells

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Season!

I love the Holidays! Earmuffs, scarves, hats, skiing, sledding, ice skating, Christmas trees, carols, warm fires, fisherman sweaters, I swear I could go on all day. In honor of the holiday spirit, I will be posting things I wish for this season, Holiday songs I love, and to stay appreciative, things I am thankful for.

I keep going back to the Lilly site for:

Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Me In Case
I love the description on this item, especially the coral lipstick part!

"I mean, did we need to limit ourselves with pencil case? This bag is ADORABLE. If you are really pretty and don't wear make-up it could be a MINI make-up bag. Or maybe it's JUST for your collection of coral lipsticks. WHATEVER you gather in this mini bag of cuteness, please collect these little guys, they have great friends big and small. "

Current Holiday Musical Love:
Last Christmas- Glee Cast

Today I think I am most thankful for the wonderful education I am given.